Horrific Visions

Horrific Visions boost is a run through the new type of challenge added in BFA 8.3 Visions of N'zoth. You can go into Horrific Vision solo or with a 5-ppl boosting group - the difficulty will scale

Carry ETA: 15-20 minutes.

Horrific Visions are designed to increase the power of Legendary cloak. You collect items to upgrade new traits in the Titanic Research Archive in order to dive deeper into the Vision and stay there alive.

Horrific Visions boosting includes:

  • The chosen number of runs into Horrific Visions;
  • Items to upgrade Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve till rank 15;
  • Chance to get 430-470+ item (once per week);
  • Corrupted Mementos to unlock new talents;
  • Horrific Vision of Orgimmar or Horrific Vision of Stormwind achievement.

if you do not have Vessel of Horrific Visions please add this option (piloted only). All other things could be done Selfplayed.

  • Main Objective - Thrall or Alleria kill - 1 chest;
  • Full run - this includes all 4 objectives completed within 1 Horrific Vision - 5 chests.

Horrific Visions

  • Requirements:

    • 120 level character;
    • Main objective only ilvl 420 + Rank 1 cloak Reward 420          ilvl
    • Full Clear (All 5 Objectives) ilvl 440 + Rank 5 cloak Reward 445 ilvl
    • Full Clear + 1 Mask ilvl 450 + Rank 7 cloak Reward 450 ilvl
    • Full Clear + 1 Mask ilvl 450 + Rank 7 cloak Reward 450 ilvl
    • Full Clear + 2 Mask ilvl 450 + Rank 7 cloak

      Reward 455 ilvl

    • Full Clear + 3 Mask ilvl 450 + Elite Extermination

      Reward 460 ilvl

    • Full Clear + 4 Mask ilvl 450 + Elite Extermination

      Reward 465 ilvl

    • Full Clear + 5 Maskilvl 450 + Elite Extermination Reward470 ilvl

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