Classic Powerleveling 1-60


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1_29 - 60 Option 1

30_59 - 60 Option 2

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300 Weapon skill

60% Mount

100% Mount

1 Gathering profession 300

1 production profession 300

Open all flightpaths

Classic Powerleveling 1-60


  • Here you can buy World of Warcraft Classic (Wow) Powerleveling Boost – Leveling 60 boost;

  • This service provides a customizable WoW Classic powerleveling to level 60.

  •  The leveling process is SLOW: it takes 130-170 hours of /played to get to level 60.
    For example: if you play 4 hours every day, you will hit level 60 in 31-42 days only!
    Our boosters will be playing 8-12 hours every day to complete your order asap.

    Save your time & efforts while we prepare your character for epic adventures!

  • World of Warcraft: Classic Level carry 1-60. Taking pre-orders to start working on your account from the first day. All Vanilla level carry service will be done by hands via question/dungeons. All loot, gold, and other items dropped during boost are included. We start to level your character right after your character will be created.

  • ETA: ~3 weeks depending on server population and chosen class. Please note that most of Blizzard servers are experiencing long queues at the moment.

  • Buying WoW Level carry you will get:

  • 60 Level character

  • Starting on launch day

  • All loot, gold which drops will stay untouched in your bags

  • 100% done by hands via questing, grinding and dungeon completion

  • Hidden Livestream (for most orders we have technical possibility to provide stream, feel free to check it in chat support)

  • VPN security for account safety

  • Remember that the production profession require to add gathering too.

  • Additional options:

  • You choose which gathering or production profession will be leveled to 300